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Our lives have been on hold for the past few weeks while waiting for our furnace to be replaced. We had to dismantle our craft closet and the contents have been strewn about cluttering up our living room. Also our whole upstairs has been in disarray since they had to put in new duct work that required us to move things from their designated areas.

This week the furnace dudes were finally able to make it out to our house. We now have a lovely new efficient furnace and vents on the second floor, which it was sorely lacking before. We are warm and toasty but our house looks like a war-zone and we now have the task of getting this place back in order. This weekend will be dedicated to this and I’m hoping to have more posts for next week!

Until then, I’ll leave you to be awe-inspired by this blog: Resurrection Fern

[Image via Resurrection Fern on etsy]


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