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At the beginning of 2013, we got Q his own notebook. Previously, he had been drawing on random scraps of extra paper that we had lying around, but he kept requesting that he and I draw together on the same piece of paper over and over again, which resulted in this:



I am proud to say that we have some crazy talented friends. Our great friends Toby and Angela came to visit from NYC a couple months ago and one day we sat around and made Onesies for Q. I’m pretty sure he has already outgrown them by now (he could probably squeeze into one with a paper diaper but not his bulky cloth ones), but these will definitely be going into the memory box! We used plain white Gerber Onesies and TeeJuice fabric pens.

Drawing by Toby Goodshank

Drawing by Angela Carlucci (the same lovely lady who made our wedding papercut!)

Thanks yous twos!

P.S. Andrew, my brother and I all made a Onesie, but I haven’t gotten good pictures of those yet. Will post one day…

I became a fan of Jennifer Murphy the minute I set eyes on her site. She makes some of the most beautiful stuffed animals I’ve ever seen. One day I would love to own one of her pieces, but 1.) there’s no way I could afford one and 2.) they sell out super fast.

Luckily for me Jennifer teamed up Midwest of Canon Falls and licensed some of her designs for mass production. Most of the designs are now retired and no longer being produced but can still be found some places online.

I happened across this one at a local store recently. Other than the ornaments on our tree, this is our only other holiday decoration. I love it!



Wedding Paper Cut

Our lovely friend Angela gave this to us recently! It’s a paper cut portrait of us on our wedding day, with the words “Nothing Can Change This Love” (which is the title of the Sam Cooke song that Andrew and I danced to at our wedding).

It’s absolutely stunning and we love it so much. Angela makes beautiful paper cuts and never ceases to amaze me with her talent. I wish she had a website that showcased all her work so I could share it with all of you, but until then take a look at these detail shots. Super fantastic!




Our lives have been on hold for the past few weeks while waiting for our furnace to be replaced. We had to dismantle our craft closet and the contents have been strewn about cluttering up our living room. Also our whole upstairs has been in disarray since they had to put in new duct work that required us to move things from their designated areas.

This week the furnace dudes were finally able to make it out to our house. We now have a lovely new efficient furnace and vents on the second floor, which it was sorely lacking before. We are warm and toasty but our house looks like a war-zone and we now have the task of getting this place back in order. This weekend will be dedicated to this and I’m hoping to have more posts for next week!

Until then, I’ll leave you to be awe-inspired by this blog: Resurrection Fern

[Image via Resurrection Fern on etsy]


I’m so sad that I missed out on this Tiny Showcase print by Rachell Sumpter!

[Image via Tiny Showcase]

I had my reminder all set and everything and still forgot about it. Ah well, next time. I was lucky to have gotten one of her $20 “Cave Dweller” prints over at 20X200 awhile back. Her work is unbelievable.

[Image via 20X200]

I highly recommend checking out her website.


[Photos by Estelle Hanania]

My dear friend Marion designed the shoes for the Dévastée Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I am in love with them all! Not only is she a beautiful person but she is an amazingly talented fashion designer and makes incredible illustrations too! If only I could find a pair of her shoes stateside… le sigh.



Fire Lord

[Dragon by Jessica Peffer via Neon Dragon Art]



Andrew and I were asked to make a logo for a disc golf tournament that will be taking place in Medina this summer. The course is Roscoe Ewing and is actually one of the first disc golf courses in the country and the first one in Ohio.

The organizers wanted a dragon to be a main part of the logo. A dragon perched on top of a disc golf basket to be specific, an item of which you may or may not be familiar with. The tournament is called Roscoe’s Revenge and here is the logo we came up with:

In our research we found some pretty crazy dragon art (as you can imagine). One of my favorites was a site we found called Neon Dragon Art that features the work of artist Jessica Peffer. I don’t think anyone can truly appreciate dragons until they’ve actually attempted to draw one. Seriously, try to draw one. I dare you.



Fuko Ueda

Okay, I know I said I was going to post about other things, but I was just browsing the internet here at the office and I came upon this amazing artist/illustrator that I felt compelled to share. Fuki Ueda is a Japanese artist who paints very surreal, dream-like images, mostly of young girls and nature with a sinister twist. Check out more of her work here. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!