Crystal Madrilejos

Design & Creative


Creative Director / Visual Communication Designer / Graphic Designer / Blogger

These are all words that describe what I do for a living, but I’ve found over the years that people interpret these terms in different ways. Which makes sense. Even though I’ve worked in my industry for the past 10 years, the clients and work I’ve done for them is vastly different from project to project. But ultimately, what I do is:

Effectively communicate messages to an intended audience.

Words I Work By

Staying informed. One of my college professors wisely told our class, “Design doesn’t happen in a vacuum.” In order to design successfully, one must know what’s going on in the world around them.

Being an open book. When working with clients, the biggest part of the job is communicating clearly. Communication works both ways, so not only being open and honest with the client, but also listening very closely. The best results come from clear objectives and expectations and the feeling that you and the client are working as a team. None of this “us-against-them” mentality.

Not being a know-it-all. My parents taught me that there isn’t anything in this world that I can’t do. But life taught me that there is always going to be someone who can do it better. I don’t see it as a competition but rather as a way of learning, growing and becoming even better too! There is always more and more information out there in regards to design, technology, innovation, and creativity. One of my biggest assets is that I’m never done learning.

Being selfless. I get hired for my expertise, not my personal style. Of course, I have my own personal style (that’s what this site is for!) and it might be what draws a person to me, but in the end when I work on a project with a client, it’s about them, not me. I put my own personal likes and dislikes aside and focus on the message and who the message is for, because a lot of times, I’m not the intended audience. I work from an objective place that is informed by the desires of the client and their audience.


All the usual designerdy stuff: Adobe Creative Suite, illustration, typography, Apple, writing etc.

But I also am fully capable of handling print production, front-end web development, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, SquareSpace, Blogger, etc.

And I truly love making anything with my hands and enjoy knitting, crocheting, embroidery, drawing, painting, hand printing, woodworking, etc.


2016 – Present | VP, Creative Strategy

Wild Daughters
2014 – 2016 | Co-Founder, Creative Director

2014 – 2016 | Creative Director

2012 – 2014 |  Creative Director

American Greetings
2011 – 2012 |  Graphic Designer

Wise Group
2008 – 2010 |  Art Director

Harris Publications
Antennae Magazine, RIDES Magazine, Threat, Revolver Magazine
2004 – 2008 | Art Director


Parsons School of Design New York, NY
2003 |  BFA in Communication Design

Matador Records New York, NY
2001 |  Internship

BOMB Magazine New York, NY
2000 |  Internship

Work samples available upon request.