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Summer Notes #001


I’ve been having lots of thoughts and observations lately I’ve wanted to share but they are random and are probably more journal fodder than anything. The kind of thoughts you have while driving to work or watching the kids play. They may be constructive and potential for bigger more in depth blog posts, but sometimes I just want to put the thoughts out there without thinking about the larger form they can take.

As a way to incorporate these into my blog, I decided to create seasonal notes for thoughts and happening not warranting a full-blown post for now. They may be totally useless and uninteresting, maybe they’ll spark some thought and discussion. Who knows? We’ll just see where this goes.

  • It’s been a week since I finished the Whole30 and I haven’t deviated much. Had some Jeni’s Ice Cream on Day 31 and it was too much too soon and my belly felt really uncomfortable. Had some amazing organic cocoa covered almonds from Mustard Seed this past weekend and totally crashed out from the sugar. Had the occasional piece of dark chocolate (been loving the Alter Eco brand of dark chocolates lately) but still not eating much, if any, grains, legumes or dairy. I don’t drink alcohol, so that’s not an issue for me. I ran out of my Primal Non-Dairy Creamer, so added some of my old favorite standby Organic Valley Vanilla Half-and-Half and it was surprisingly… disappointing. Not creamy, not even that sweet. Just sort of blah.
  • Had some homemade beef bone broth with beet greens and mushrooms for breakfast this morning.


  • Been scheming my next 30 (or 40) day challenge. I’m realizing I really enjoy doing challenges. It may seem like I’m a disciplined person because of it, but in fact, it’s because I’m not disciplined that these challenges are appealing. I’m motivated and aspirational, for sure. But discipline is something I have to constantly work at. Challenging myself makes goals more manageable for my emotional and easily-overwhelmed mind. A couple ideas I’ve thrown around: arts/crafts, yoga, running (why???), blogging… the list could go on and on.
  • Ellis will be two-years old next month. Seems like she’s always been this age. I can’t remember her any other way and when I look at baby pictures, I wonder where that baby went. She gives the best hugs around the neck.


  • Quil is at a tough stage. Four-years old and navigating a world that’s confusing and contradictory at times. He’s in a constant battle with frustration and impulse-control, and as his parents, Andrew and I are in a constant battle of trying to find that balance of letting him be himself and explore his independence while still teaching him to be kind and considerate of others – all without losing our cool. And it’s hard. Really, really hard.


  • This past weekend I’ve felt a lot of mental energy and stamina. I checked off a bunch of stuff that’s been haunting my to-do list for weeks and it felt GREAT.
  • With that said, I need to get back on my routine of physical activity. Of course, I got sick and that’s what threw it all off (isn’t that always what happens?) But things are getting better and I’m feeling some space opening up. I’ve been feeling rested and motivated to try something new. I see some aerial yoga in my future!
  • This is the view from our screened in porch these days.



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