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Week 2 Mantra: I Have a Plan – Day 2

Above: An unfinished project that Andrew started for Q a couple years ago, that didn’t turn out as planned.



Today I intend to focus on the things Andrew and I discussed this morning in regards to what we wanted to do today, which includes finishing the yard clean up in preparation for winter. This includes gathering the rest of the leaves, putting the pizza oven away (sad!), filling the raised beds with leaf mulch, and putting away any garden supplies and structures. I also have to finish updates to a website project I’m working on and also go to the craft store for supplies to finish a craft project for a friend who’s expecting. There are other mundane items on my list, but my main intention other than focusing on these items, is to be happy with what I can get done and not stress about things that I can’t. Also, I intend to continue trying to be agile in my approach to projects knowing that things aren’t always going to work out how I plan. Especially when kids are involved. I can already anticipate that the yard project will end with the kids and I back inside the house before the work is done, because that’s just how it goes sometimes. I also intend to spend a little time researching future education possibilities for the kiddos. More on that later as well!

Above: Q + E doing their thing in the garden.
Above: Andrew preparing the leafmould.
Above: Little E laying in a leaf pile. Luckily, we don’t have an issue with ticks.
Above: Mushrooms growing in our garden. Dad coming over tomorrow to take a look, since I know nothing about mushrooms.
Above: All bedded down for winter. The only thing we’re still harvesting is the tall kale in the middle on the left.

Above: Showing Q how to jack up a pizza oven. Moving it to the barn for the winter.

Above: E being a huge help.

Above: Lunchtime. I never thought I’d see the day. Two kids, feeding themselves.

Above: Harira over brown rice. Recipe here.



Project Yard Clean Up for Winter was a success! The kids were amazingly well-behaved and in good spirits most of the time. I imagine it was because the weather was so nice and they were able to run around outside comfortably. We got everything and more done from our yard project list, all before noon. So I’d call that a double success. I got a lot of stuff done, but not everything I had hoped. But I’m okay. I still feel good about what I got done, so that fulfills one of the main intentions for today, to not stress about what I didn’t get done and just be happy with what I did. I was thinking this morning, that when I think of these intentions and reflections and just a lot of my inward looking from a different perspective, it looks like a whole lot of hoopla for relatively ordinary things. You know? Like, why does it have to be such a big deal to just get ordinary stuff done? But one of the things I realized really early on in this process is that it’s all about awareness. Being aware of how I spend my time. Am I spending a lot of my time just spinning my wheels and doing busy work or stressing or avoiding? Or am I actually doing constructive work that is moving me forward towards my goals? I feel like I’ve been spending these first two weeks just finding time. Literally, like it’s something that is lost or misplaced. I remember having it at one point, but don’t remember when it went missing. By analyzing everything I do, I feel like I’m retracing my steps. Finding my way back to being motivated and inspired to do the things Andrew and I have always imagined we’d do.

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