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First Birthday

Q’s first birthday party was almost a month ago and I’m finally getting around to posting pictures. Some of you may have read my inspiration post where I was debating on the details of the big day. Well, we went with the “lots of balloons and streamers” idea in the end. It just seemed right. I love me some themed parties with fun details and cute favors for all the kids but since we decided to go all out and invite all our friends and families it seemed like doing a theme might be too much.

We had the party at Andrew’s parent’s house because our house is teeny tiny. We decided to only decorate the dining room since that was where he would be blowing out his candle.

All in all, I think we hung up more than 1000 ft. of streamers and about 100 balloons. I really thought 100 balloons would cover more area, but I’m really bad at judging such things.

We used a combination of Q’s toys and old toys from Andrew’s childhood as a center piece for the dining room table and as ways to prop up the cake stands to different levels. My sister made all the cupcakes (except for Q’s cupcake, Andrew made that. Maybe he’ll write about it in a future post. At least, I’m hoping he will).

This guy is helping set up the decorations with his handy dandy lifter. This was Andrew’s little set up.

Overall, I deemed it a success!


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  1. Toby Goodshank - March 25, 2011 5:11 pm

    looks so amazing! wish i had been there to help celebrate!


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