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I know, I know

It’s been awhile, right? I don’t even know where to start. Where have we been these past 3 months, you ask? Just livin’ life I suppose.

I won’t try to remember everything that has happened since we last posted.

Christmas has come and gone. I have presents to post about. The gifts weren’t too elaborate this year. Since Q was born my productivity on the crafting front has dropped significantly. But I did manage a couple cute things. This was also the first year that our gift wrapping has been sub-par. Usually, I like to do the wrapping all fancy-like because I think it makes opening the gift even more exciting. But this year nothing fancy, just store-bought paper. Not even nicely wrapped, I have to admit. Christmas really snuck up on us this year.

I guess the biggest thing to happen was that I lost my job at the end of November. But, don’t worry I’ve found a new one.

Also, Q’s first birthday is fast approaching! So, lately I’ve been trying to plan his party. I’ve been torn between theme or no-theme and whether we should go all out and make it a big event or just keep it small and intimate. Decisions, decisions…

Here are a couple images that have been inspiring my birthday planning:

I wish I could remember where I found these photos, but I think I searched “lots of balloons and streamers” in google images. Pretty general, I know.



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  1. Toby Goodshank - February 4, 2011 6:52 pm

    i love a balloon feast!


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