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On Wednesday and Thursday, I got up super early (5:30!) to go to the Rec Center to get my cardio on. I really wish that there were more things in my life that required me to get my heart rate up naturally. And by naturally, I mean that the sole purpose of the activity isn’t to “work out” – this is why I need a farm that requires me to toss huge bales of hay or something. Basically, I want to be a young, Amish man where I raise barns all day. How many Amish guys do you think need to “go for a run” to get exercise? Not many, would be my guess. Or maybe I need to take dance classes or yoga classes because at least I’d be learning a skill at the same time. I’m looking into 6am yoga or barre classes in the area because when I get motivated, I turn into a glutton for punishment. Kidding! I actually enjoy being active. Though I’m not a fan of running, no matter how hard I try to like it.

I intend to keep with the momentum that I’ve been building since I’ve shed my monthly emotional cocoon. Recently, I was talking to a friend about my hormones and I told her that lately my PMS has felt like “the long winter” where you just have to hunker down and wait for it to pass. And before winter arrives, you have to be super productive and spend all your time preparing and getting ready for that stretch of time when you are incapacitated by forces outside of your control. Her response was “It’s that bad?” to which I had to laugh to myself that of course it’s not really that bad but when you’re in the thick of it, it can seem that way. I talked about this with Kathleen during this week’s Creative Coaching session because it really does relate to where my energies lie when it comes to working and creating. I’m going to foucs on being more aware and possibly mapping how my body and mind work together throughout the month in order to feel like I’m taking advantage of it, rather than fighting it. Right now, in my emotional cycle, it’s Springtime and I’m feeling optimistic and motivated, hence the 5:30am rec center jaunts. Unfortunately, I think I hurt my back in the process. Damn, that’s what I get for going hard.

What helps you get through periods of emotional heaviness when you are required to be productive? Any tips or advice is welcome!

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