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Bouncy Balls

Image by Peter Funch via Honestly…WTF

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Personally, it went way too fast for my liking. But it was enjoyable nonetheless. Lots of sitting around and sweating. Andrew, Q and I had a slumber party in our living room for the weekend. We pulled our mattress downstairs and watched movies every night. It was great!

Today I wanted to share this awesome video I found. I’m sure many of you have probably seen this, I know I’m a little late to the game. We don’t have a TV (just a movie projector) so we don’t see TV commercials very often. Which is usually a good thing, but then we miss the really good ones like this one for Sony Bravia:

But the best thing about it is that it was completely real! The creators of the commercial threw 250,000 bouncy balls down a street in San Francisco.  Watch the behind-the-scenes:

How awesome is that?

Found via A Cup of Jo and Honestly…WTF

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  1. Toby Goodshank - June 1, 2011 5:15 pm


  2. mariadina1979 - June 1, 2011 7:29 pm

    probably looks even more amazing on the tv they are advertising!

  3. Andrew and Crystal - June 1, 2011 7:40 pm

    @Toby: I love how in the behind-the-scenes, they are practically wearing riot gear.

    @mariadina1979: Seriously.



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