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The Garden on the Last Day of July

The fact that matter cannot be created or destroyed has always boggled my mind and our garden has added to that bogglement. We put seeds in the ground – some the size of pinheads – and they grew so, so big that I simply cannot understand how that “matter” was not created. The energy potential in a seed has to be on par with an A-bomb. Our garden exploded.

Zucchini a few weeks ago:

Zucchini now:

Our trellis is finally getting some relief as the peas are starting to die. For a second there I was worried it would buckle under the strangulation of hundreds of tiny little nooses (vines).

Here are some overviews:

If deer weren’t so damn cute I’d have their carcasses strung up from every tree in our backyard. This is one of our healthy strawberry plants:

This one’s not so healthy. I hope it tasted good, Ms. deer.



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